Reconstruction of the National Museum

National Museum in Prague is going to be under reconstruction. At the same time it will get a new building just next to the museum – the seat of present Radio Free Europe.

The reconstruction of the National Museum into a modern complex suitable for exhibitions, lecture-rooms or restaurants will start soon. Also the exterior of the National theatre in Prague will be restored.

Special care will be given to one of the symbols of the National theatre – two statues of horses driven by the goddess of victory on the roof of the theatre. The experts say that the statues need to be fixed on the roof, because the transport down the roof would be too complicated.

The statues are 6 meters long and had to be supported by textile bands. On of the horses stands on his left leg, the right leg is breaking. Also the golden crown on the roof is in bad condition. The new facade is estimated to cost 160 million CZK.

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