Fight against the overcharged taxi services

A sad incident happened at the end of the last week when a foreign tourist refused to continue the journey in a taxi after she had seen on the taxi-meter that she had to pay 128 CZK for 300 meters. The taxi driver was rude to her and demanded the money.

Accidentally, the Deputy of Lord Mayer passed by. She backed the tourist up. According to her, the taxi driver breaks the edict that says that the maximum rate is 25 CZK/per kilometer. Drivers that overcharge, sometimes even several times, are fined by the municipal authorities. However, the drivers lodge an appeal and the cases last long. The warning against bad behaviour and high prices of Prague taxi drivers is even in foreign tourist guidebooks.

The municipal authorities want to change the road law so that taxi drivers can be punished easily. Also in Old Town Square taxi drivers with the rate of only 28 CZK per kilometer will stand from 1st January. They should be a good competition to the overcharged taxi drivers.

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