Prague before Christmas: pickpockets' paradise

The time before Christmas is the “golden time” for shops but also for pickpockets. People trying to get some Christmas presents are not so alert to their belongings and they become easily the victims of pickpockets.

Half of the crimes of pickpocketing takes place in Prague. According to the police, the pickpockets also come to Prague from other states before Christmas and then they continue to Paris, Rome or other cities. The only way how to get pickpockets into prison is to catch them in the act. It is not so easy before they usually work as a organized gang of five or six people and they inform each other about police officers.

The police warn against pickpockets in public transports (especially tram no. 22 running in the centre) and at the stations and tram stops. People should be also pay attention to their belongings in large shopping centres. In case they become the victims of pickpockets they should immediately inform the police.

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