Changes at Tesco store?

Everybody who wants to buy presents for Christmas has to wait in long queues before the cash desks now. The department store Tesco which has many shops in Prague (e.g. in Narodni street), is developing now a new system of the cash desk – without the cashiers.

Instead of the cashier the customer will be welcomed by automates that will charge the goods thanks to the barcodes. Customers will be able to pay cash or by credit card.

The system should discourage people from not paying for the goods. Each cash desk will contain information about the exact weight of every product. The system will check whether the weight of the goods in the basket correspond to the weight of the goods already paid by the customer.

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  1. olivia said, Jan 17, 11:57 AM #

    I WORK for TESCO in IRELAND and tried to use my STAFF CARD in PRAUGE the cashier did not know what to do with it and thought it was a CREDIT CARD. please up date this issue as we are ALL TESCO STAFF it does not matter which country you are in. THANK YOU

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