Czech Cubist architecture exhibition

You have a chance to visit an exhibition of extraordinary Czech artistic phenomenon these days: the exhibition of Czech architectural Cubism in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague.

Prague was a second European centre of Cubism after Paris, since 1909. Czech artists, inspired by the Parisian Cubists, developed this style in architecture and design, and it evolved in the unique Czech architectural Cubism.

The exhibition focuses on the most important period between 1911 and 1914 and it introduces the outstanding personalities such as Pavel Janak, Josef Gocar, Vlastislav Hofman, Josef Chochol and Emil Kralicek. The exhibition shows Cubist buildings realized in Prague and also in several other Czech cities. You can see Cubist design there and also some projects, that were not realized.

The exhibition lasts till 11th February 2007. You can find the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Betlemske Namesti (square) 5a, Prague 1.

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