Fireworks on New Year´s Day in Prague

The traditional New Years´s Day fireworks will be fired from the Letna Gardens this year. It promises to be a spectacular show with almost 7 000 flares, lasting 15 minutes.

It will be a colourful performance of 20 “pictures”, including traditional flower motifs, large geometric effects and a big finale. It will be possible to watch the fireworks from the quays of the river Vltava, from bridges and all the high places in Prague. The ideal place for watching it is the Cechuv most (bridge) and the quay around it.

These fireworks will take place on 1st January at 6 pm. It will be soon after dark, so it is possible to enjoy it even if you are a family with children.

Fireworks on the New Year´s Eve at midnight will take place at the Wenceslas Square.

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