Safer pedestrian crossings in Prague

An original system how to protect pedestrians from irresponsible drivers was installed in Prague 13. When some car will approach a pedestrian crossing near the school or near a bus stop too fast, the traffic sign will start to twinkle intensely to warn the driver.

Safer pedestrian crossings are already in Prague quarter 6: there are special large coloured surfaces on the roads in front of the crossings, where most accidents happened in the past. The coloured surface is rough and it enables the drivers to stop the car more easily. It is 20 metres large and it can be seen for example in Sarecka street or Ankarska street.

There are also special lights reacting to movement of pedestrians on several crossings. These lights start to twinkle when a person is crossing the road.

Nevertheless, the best solution for safer pedestrians in Prague would be more traffic lights in the city. It is planned to install 200 new traffic lights in 10 coming years.

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