Dramatic incident on Prague airport

Czech police was afraid, that it could be a terrorist attack: a Russian airplane had to make a forced landing on Prague airport Ruzyne because of a man, who threatened with hijacking the plane.

The incident happened yesterday around quarter past 10 am. A passenger of a plane flying from Moscow to Geneva came to the pilot´s cockpit and threatened, that he will blast a bomb. He seemed to be drunk. He demanded that the plane has to fly to Egypt.

The pilot with a help from other passengers managed to pacify and bind the man. The plane landed immediately on the nearest airport, which was Prague Ruzyne. A counter-terrorism commando and two fighter planes arrived quickly at the airport to check the situation. It was found out, that it was really “just” a drunken passenger and not a serious attempt to hijack a plane.

It is not clear, if the man will be committed to Czech or Russian authorities. He was accused of threatening safety of a plane and he may be imprisoned for 15 years.

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