Happy New Year!

About 150 000 people came to Prague to celebrate the new year 2007 in this city. The most lively celebrations took place at the Wenceslas Square. According to Prague rescue workers, it was the most “busy” New Year´s Eve for them in the last five years.

There were reportedly around 20 000 people celebrating at the Wenceslas Square. A big show took place in the upper part, while in the lower part of the square people fired their own fireworks.

Rescue workers had to treat 273 people, which is five times more than in an ordinary day. Also Prague firemen had a lot to do: probably the most serious case was a fire in Prague 4, caused by a flare, which flew into somebody´s balcony and inflamed the whole flat.

On the other hand, Prague policemen didn´t face up any serious incident. Celebrating tourists mostly asked them, if they can have a picture with them.

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