Ineffective anti-smoking law

The new law, which bans smoking in restaurants and other public places in the Czech republic, doesn´t work. It says, that it is forbidden to smoke in a restaurant, unless it has a special room for smokers. However, people continue with smoking in all spaces.

The law is valid for a year now. Not only it is ambiguous, but it is also not extorted enough by the police. Policemen usually inflict only a symbolic fine. Another problem is, that owners of the restaurants usually understand the law in different ways.

It is also explicitly banned to smoke at concerts or sports matches, but this is frequently violated too. The only places, where smoking was relatively reduced, are stations of public transport.

This is why an amendment of the law is being prepared at the moment and it depends on the future Czech government, if it will be realized. It should effectively protect non-smokers from passive smoking. - your absolute Prague guide and travel resource.

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