Shortage of road tax stickers

People who want to travel on Czech highways have to possess a vignette for the year 2007 from the 1st January 2007. This road tax stickers can be bought for various values according to the type of the vehicle.

Not having this sticker on the front window of your car may lead to unpleasant fines. These stickers can be bought in several places, such as petrol stations and auto clubs. Unfortunately, drivers have problems to get them because of the big shortage of them on the markets.

According to the distributor of vignettes, ABA assistance service, there are enough vignettes but the sellers underestimated the situation and ordered too few stickers for their shops. People travelling from Germany can buy the stickers in the branch of ABA in Dresden.

There have been also reports that some of the stickers cannot be stripped off the base or that they get damaged. These defective stickers can be changed in any post office in the Czech Republic.

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