67 Czech marriages out of 100 get divorced

According to the report of Eurostat, the Czech Republic belongs to the countries in the European Union where people get divorced the most. 67 married couples out of 100 get divorced in the Czech Republic. The only states in the European Union which have a higher divorce rate are Belgium and Estonia.

The average divorce rate in the EU is 40 marriages out of 100. The smallest divorce rate is in Ireland and Cyprus where it is quite difficult to get divorce. People get divorced the most after 3 or 5 years after the wedding. The average length of divorced marriages is 12 years.

Statistics and sociologists have a simple explanation for these numbers. Higher percentage of divorces nowadays is caused by the change of lifestyle. However, they also point out the divorce rate reached its peak and not it is going down. There are also more and more people who live together without being married.

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