Experts warm : wind storms

This January is the warmest January in the past 232 years. Average temperature in the Czech Republic in January is minus 2,5 ˚C (27,5 ˚F), the average temperature of this months is plus 4 ˚C (39,2 ˚F) . Yesterday the afternoon temperature in Prague was 14,2 ˚C (56,56 ˚F). These temperatures are normal for April or October.

Extremely warm weather confuses the nature. Many spring flowers can be found on the lawns these days, birds lay eggs and there are warnings against ticks and allergies to pollen. Meteorologist say that this weather will last at least until February.

From today afternoon until Friday night people in Czech Republic can expect winter storms that can break branches and uproot trees. The speed of the wind can reach 90 km/h (55,9 m/h), at the mountains 110 km/h (68,3 m/h).

Weather in Prague

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