The ship for homeless people is almost finished

Prague council came with an interesting idea last year – to build a ship for people without home. The ship should be ready before 21st January is it was planned. The city already knows the location of the ship. It will be on the left bank of the Vltava river near Stefanikuv bridge.

Homeless people who show the effort to return to normal life, will be given a preference. One night will cost 20 CZK. “If they have money for a box of wine and cigarettes, they can get money for the lodging. It is a motivation,” said one of the city councillor Jiri Janecek.

The ship will provide 250 beds, charity organizations offer 600 beds. However, there are about five or six thousand homeless people in Prague. The city of Prague wants to count all the homeless people in Prague in two months. The city wants to locate the place where homeless people stay the most, also what tram lines they use the most at night.

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