Birth of the baby gorilla will be probably online

Thousands of visitors came to Prague Zoo to see the baby gorilla Moja which was born in December two years ago. People far away could also see the life of gorillas in Prague Zoo online thanks to the ‘reality show’ The Revealed that was evaluated as the best in the category ARKive Interactive Award in the prestigious competition Wildscreen.

Another baby gorilla will be born soon and again three cameras are there to broadcast what is happening. It is most likely that the birth will be online. “We don’t want to make a show from it. It’s important that gorilla Kamba won’t be disturbed and will give birth in the presence of other gorillas,” said the spokesman of Prague Zoo Vit Kahle.

Kamba is the oldest gorilla in Prague Zoo. It was born in Africa in 1972, probably in Cameroon rainforest. This will be her first baby. Another gorilla, Kijivu, is expecting a baby in May.

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