Petr Cech can play again

Goalkeeper Petr Cech, one of the best Czech football player, is totally healthy and can return to the normal training and to matches without any limitations. That is the statement of the doctors from the Neurosurgery Clinic in Oxford.

Petr Cech was badly injured on 14th October 2006 when his opponent hit Cech’s head with his knee. Many people thought it would be the end of Cech’s playing. Now, after three months, Cech is ready to play again and, according to him, he feels really fit and in good condition. His first match after the injury will be probably in Liverpoo this Saturday.

Petr Cech now wants to play only in a special helmet which would protect the injured part of his head. Using the helmet during the matches has to be first approved by The Football Association. Petr Cech is, however, used to the helmet, he has been training with it the last two months.

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