Prague's taxi drivers protest

Few days ago the Czech newspaper Mlada Fronda DNES published an article about some Prague’s taxi drivers cheating their customers. The journalists, who pretended to be foreign visitors of the Czech capital, found out that six taxi drivers out of ten overcharged their services. MF DNES also offered some advice for people taking a taxi in Prague.

Yesterday at 2 p.m. hundreds of taxi drivers in their cars protested against the article in front of the publishing house of the newspaper in Radlicka street near Andel. They totally blocked the main road. They wanted to show their disagreement with the article and they asked an apology. They claim that not everybody is cheating.

The editor-in-chief Robert Casensky defended his employees by saying the journalist revealed really scandalous cases that damage the good reputation of Prague and the Czech Republic. They are going to continue the checks of Prague’s taxi drivers.

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