Deadly gale churned through the country

A fierce gale churned through Europe yesterday killing more than 30 people. The gale called Kyrill uprooted trees, shattered windows, left millions of people without power. The speed of the gust was at the Czech mountains, Krusne hory, 184 km/h (114 mph).

In Slunecna near Ceska Lipa, a fallen tree killed a firefighter, another uprooted tree fell on a car and killed two people in it. On the 8th kilometer of the D8 highway, the howling gale blew off a trailer. Firefighters were called every minute to torn off roofs and uprooted trees.

Many accidents happened in Prague. A shattered window injured a man in Zitna street. A woman was struck by a metal board into her head while waiting for a public transport in Andel. The strong wind blew off some roof tiles in Charles Square and overturned a crane in Otradovicka street. The worst situation was, according to the meteorologists, around 10 p.m.

Meteorologists warm against strong wings that might appear in the Czech Republic again from Friday 3 p.m. to Sunday 10 p.m.

Weather in Prague

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