Prague's international airport Ruzyne is closed due to snow

Heavy snowfalls in Prague have surprised many drivers and caused already many accidents on the roads. People had problems to get to work or school. Snowdrifts have also closed the Prague’s international airport.

The airport announced that it will be closed at least until 6 p.m. Meteorologists now monitor the situation and expect even more intensive snowfalls.

Travellers can stay at the airport while waiting for later flights or they can return their tickets. Lufthansa opened their launches for their passengers. The situation at the airport is quite calm.

Some of the planes aiming to Prague were redirected to airports in Brno, Bratislava or Frankfurt. Many flights from Prague has been cancelled. Passengers are recommended to contact their air carriers. Up-to-date information about flights can be reached on the (free of charge) number 800 310 310 or from abroad +420 239 007 007. - your absolute Prague guide and travel resource.

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