The number of crimes in Prague is dropping

According to crime statistics, the crime in Prague is dropping every year. There were 95 731 crimes in 2005 and 89 617 in 2006, which is about 6000 crimes less. Still, it is not something to be proud of.

The criminality in the capital is dropping mainly because of the fact, that people take more care of their belongings and have better safety systems in their cars and homes. There is also a new law that requires the bazaars to write down every bought items together with the identity card number of the seller. The city of Prague wants to combat the crime with even more police officers in the streets.

However, there are more and more pickpockets in the streets. Prague police officers have problems to catch the criminals in the act and prove them guilty. Many pickpockets work in organized groups whose members inform each other about the presence of uniformed men. Many offenders also rob people on the street during daytime. They steal mainly mobile phones that are easy to sell.

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