Good results of patrols in night trams

Since 16th January 30 uniformed men take care of the safety in night trams. They have the right to eject people from the transport if they break the transport regulations, they do not have a valid ticket, or they are drunk, stinky, or dirty. Now it seems this action has results. There are less drunk, aggressive and homeless people in the night trams.

The first days the officers had to eject about 50 people per night, after 10 days it was only 10. Unusual situation was on Tuesday night when it started to snow in Prague. The officers ejected 90 people. The patrol travel in the trams haphazardly, there is no regular system that could be traced.

Right now there are 30 officers designated for the night patrols but the number will gradually rise. Officers will be present also in night buses and later this year in metro.

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