What to be aware of in Prague covered by snow

After heavy snowfalls that surprised many Czech inhabitants, things are going better now. The roads in Prague are in good condition, the Prague’s international airport Ruzyne is operating normally and the sun is shining now. However, there are still many things that can cause difficulties.

One of that are icicles and heaps of snow falling from roofs. Until 5 o’clock yesterday firefighters had to intervene 150 times in Prague. A 65-year-old men head to be taken to hospital after an icicle had fallen on his head.

The responsibility falls on the owners of the property. According to the law, they have to clean dangerous snow and icicles from the roof as well as clean the pavements adjacent to the building. Otherwise they might be sued when somebody gets injured there.

Even though some people are not happy with the snow, many people in the capital enjoy skiing. Good places for winter sports are Letna gardens or park Hvezda. People are not recommended to go to forests. Tree branches may fall under the weight of the snow.

Zlata Hvezda, Prague

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