Dinosaurs in Prague's shopping mall

Prague’s shopping mall Chodov will host a unique itinerant exposition of 11 fossilized skeletons of prehistorical dinosaurs. This exhibition was lent by The Museum of Paleontology “Egidio Feruglio” in Patagonia (Argentina). Prague will be the third country (after Spain and Argentina) to hold such an exclusive exhibition.

Two trucks were needed to transport the skeletons of huge dinosaurs. One of the exhibits measures 13,5 m. These skeletons were mostly found in Patagonia and they are about 70 million years old.

Visitors can see them from 1st February. Boards with notes together with educated guides (students of Faculty of Sciences of Charles University) will give you more details about these prehistoric vertebrate animals and their way of living. You can visit the exhibition until 15th March.

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