Czech people fear international organized crime

The The Public Opinion Research Centre made a survey to find out what Czech people think about safety risks for the Czech Republic. 1119 people above 15 years old took part in the survey made last December.

From the answers of the respondents is clear that Czech people fear the international organized crime the most. More than two thirds of the people consider it as a big danger. The second thread that Czech people fear the most are terrorists and terrorist organizations. 6 people out of 10 consider it as very dangerous.

Another question investigated the opinion of people on the biggest actual thread for the Czech Republic. People could chose from a war conflict, an epidemic or a natural disaster. According to the statistic, Czech people evaluated natural disaster as the most probable.

People were also asked which country may be the biggest potential thread for the safety and piece in the Czech Republic. 21% of people do not see any other state as a potential thread. 24 % did not know. If people mentioned a state, it was mostly Iraq (24%), Iran (17%) and Afghanistan (10%).

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