More expensive postage to Europe

From today everybody who wants to send a postcard, a letter or a parcel to European countries from the Czech Republic has to pay more. Ceska posta (Czech Post) announced that the prices will rise in the range of 1 CZK to 60 CZK.

Everybody who wants to send a postcard or a letter (until 20 grams) to Europe has to pay 11 CZK instead of 10 CZK. Also sending a parcel will be more expensive. For example for a parcel whose weight is between 1 and 2 kg you have to pay 60 CZK more. On the other hand, letters and parcels sent to non-European countries will be cheaper.

Why did the post change its tariff? According to international European contracts, the post pays 80 % of the domestic tariff to the country of the addressee. The speaker of Ceska posta said that Ceska posta just wants to give fair money to their partners in other countries.

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