Prague has the most centenarians

Prague is on top of the list that counts people at the age of 100 or even more. There are 673 people in the Czech Republic that are 100 years old or older. 105 of them are men.

In Prague’s region there are 107 centenarians. Prague is also the only region in the country where the number of seniors is higher than the number of children. There are 185 000 seniors which is 15.6 % of all Prague’s inhabitants, while 12,3% are children under 15 years old.

Why are Prague people living so long? First of all it is the good quality and easy accessibility of the medical care. Seniors in Prague can chose from a wild range of activities in their free time. Universities, private agencies and libraries also offer a lot of courses for further education. Students more than 80 years old are not exceptions there.

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