New tram in Prague for disabled and mothers with children

Travelling by trams in Prague with a pram or in a wheelchair is not so easy. It will partly change soon. A new tram, modernized from an older version, suitable for mothers with small children and disabled people will appear in Prague from the next week.

The modified tram will have a bit lower floor than other trams, it will be one meter longer and will be less noisy. Travellers can recognize it by the symbols for disabled people and prams clearly placed next to the door. The modernization of the tram cost 8 million Czech crowns.

Although there is only one tram of this kind in Prague right now, there should be another tram ready at the end of February and 8 new ones at the end of the year. Besides this new tram, there are 18 low-floor trams in Prague. All together there are about 900 trams transporting passengers in Prague.

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