Langweil model of Prague will be digitized

Langweil model of Prague is a unique work documenting the historical appearance of the Prague city centre before it was radically changed. The author, Antonin Langweil, an university librarian, worked on the model from 1826 to his death in 1837. There are about 2000 objects, half of which does not exist in real any more. The model is made from cardboard and wood.

Digitizing started at the end of the last year. More then half a million of pictures will be taken, which is the capacity of about 3000 DVD discs. Digitizing will cost about 12,5 million CZK. The model should be on internet within 2 years.

The real model is now the most famous exhibit of the Museum of the City of Prague. When the photographing of the model is over (mid March) it will move to a new showcase with better lighting and a camera which will show the central part of the model.

The Museum of the City of Prague (Na Porici 52) is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00. Full entrance fee is 80 CZK. Every first Thursday of the month it is open until 20:00 and the entrance fee is only 1 CZK.

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