Last respect to Czech composer Karel Svoboda

Thousands of people came yesterday to Strasnice crematorium in Prague to pay the last respect to Karel Svoboda, one of the most famous song writer in the Czech Republic. Svoboda is known all around the world thanks to his song for children serial Vcelka Maja (Maya the Bee, in German Die Biene Maja) sung in many language versions by Karel Gott.

Svoboda made many hits. His song Lady Carneval was very successful in Rio de Janeiro carnival and was adopted by interprets from Brazil, France, Hungary, Germany and Sweden. He was an author of many popular songs. He wrote or cooperated on a large number of songs for local or foreign serials. His last work was the music play Golem.

Karel Svoboda shot himself dead in the garden of his house on 28th January 2007 at the age of 68. There are many speculations about his reasons for committing a suicide. Many celebrities came to his funeral to say their last good bye.

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