New services and exhibitions at Prague Castle

Prague Castle Administration improves their services. This year for the first time tourists visiting Prague Castle will read interesting information in ten languages including Chinese and Japanese From the beginning of April they will be able to pay in Euros and by credit cards.

Two new information bureaus will be open this year. First one will be in newly reconstructed Riding School near the entrance to the Prague Castle (near tram stops), the other will be on the 2nd courtyard next to the Prague Castle Picture Gallery. Right now it is even possible to buy tickets pro Christmas concerts.

Prague Castle will also open new and unique exhibitions showing items that have not been displayed yet. Next week people can visit a new exhibition devoted to guns and rifles. Visitors can see, for example, guns used in the Wild West.

Another exhibition will continue in the series of Prague Castle Photographs, this time from the period 1939 – 1989. It will show pictures that used to be private and from the period of totalitarian regime. After three decades visitors will be able to explore the collection of Mikolas Ales works. Mikolas Ales exhibition will show the best works of this famous painter.

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Prague Castle

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