Prague's taxi drivers file a lawsuit

A small war broke out between some Prague’s taxi drivers and the municipal authorities. The taxi drivers now filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The taxi drivers claim that the situation when the municipal authorities dictate the price the taxi drivers can charge is discriminating. Taxi drivers in Prague are allowed to charge maximum of 28 CZK per kilometer. Otherwise they can lose their licence.

“Present edict forces the taxi drivers either rip off their customers or work 16 hours a day. That’s what we want to change,” said the representative of the labour union. One of the taxi drivers began a hunger strike yesterday.

The Deputy of the Lord Mayer, Marketa Reedova, expressed her shock that some taxi drivers claim that 100 CZK per kilometer is normal. Reedova had a conflict with one of the taxi drivers in December last year.

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