Scuba divers found more fragments from the statues

Police scuba divers submerged to the bottom of Vltava river to find more ornaments that used to parts of the statues on Charles Bridge. The first search was made two weeks ago in an attempt to find fragments of the precious inscription on the Crucifix and Calvary.

Scuba divers were successful in finding two more object yesterday. One of them is a ceremonial sword, probably more than 200 years old, and a brass object that looks like a small spire. According to Petra Hoftichova from the city gallery, it might be a part of the eternal light from the statue of Saint Salvator with Cosmas and Damian.

The object was found between the fifth and sixth pillars of the Charles Bridge from the Old Town side. The scuba divers are still looking for an 40-kilogram angel that is missing from the statue of the Madonna attending to St. Bernard.

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