Prague suffers from too much light

According to the experts who examine the intensity of light in Prague, the Czech capital is one of the most lit city in Europe. Probably only Brussels is more lit because of its illuminated highways. Every 20th Prague citizen cannot sleep because of the light coming through the windows from outside.

The “light smog”, as the expert call it, is caused not only by street lamps, but also by billboards, signboards, and beams of light illuminating historical buildings, especially in the centre of Prague. The light causes problems not only to sleepers, but also to drivers, who are disturbed by too much light stimuli, and to stargazers.

Many cities in Western Europe are lit only with dim light. Prague councilmen are now thinking of dimming the light as well. Some of the billboards and monuments may not be so illuminated in the future. Will it change the image of night Prague?

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