Prague lacks police officers

Police officers demonstrated at the exhibition ground in Prague yesterday against a new law that demoted many police officers, which led to lower salaries, as well as cancelled premium for their work at weekends, holidays and night shifts. On the other hand police officers have longer paid holiday, shorter working hours and entitlements to physiotherapy now.

About 2000 police officers met in front of the Krizik fountain where they signed Manifest 361 which will be sent to politicians within one month.

The law affects police officers, fire fighters, warders and customs officers, all together 72,000 people. 47,000 of them are police officers. The new law has already resulted in mass leaving. 1040 police officers have already handed in their notices.

Prague lacks now about 400 police officers. Another 100 is going to leave soon. The reason for that is not only the new law, but also the fact, that 60 % of Prague police officers are not originally from Prague. After some time, these police officers want to move back to their home districts. In two years there are supposed to be 1000 new street police officers in Prague thanks to the new recruitment campaign.

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