Cryotherapy also in Prague now

Medical research proved that spending some time in extremely low temperatures have good effects on psychic, it reduces pain and increase immune system of the body. Extremely low temperature is used in cryotherapy. Prague citizens and visitors can try to feel the very low temperatures ‘under their skin’ by visiting a newly open cryotherapy centre run by Kryomed Ltd.

The cryotherapy works in two phases. The first phase means spending two or three minutes in a small room where the temperature drops to -120˚C (-184˚F). During the second phase that takes about 15 minutes, the participants warm up their body by several exercises.

Everyone who wants to try the positive effects of cryotherapy must be first examined by a doctor who is in the centre. Positive results will be visible after four or five visits of the centre. The cryotherapy centre in Prague is located in the building of Business Centre in Kostelecka street 879 in Prague-Cakovice. Click here to get to the official web sites of the centre.

Meteor Plaza, Prague

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