Every sixth passenger in Prague travels without a valid ticket

Since January, travellers using Prague public transport at night can meet ticket inspectors together with police officers who take care of the safety on night trams and soon on buses in Prague as well as they penalize everybody without a valid ticket.

As MF DNES reported, the Prague ticket inspectors gave more than 2000 penalties and ejected from the trams more than a thousand of homeless people. During one month, the employers of Prague Public Transit Company inspected about 21,300 travellers on night trams, 15% of them didn’t have a valid ticket. There are about 6% of such travellers during the day time.

The ticket inspectors can give penalties up to 950 CZK. If you pay immediately or withing 15 days at the office, the penalty is lowered to 500 CZK. The ticket inspectors at night shifts start at 22:30 in metro. After the metro is closed, the inspectors joined by police officers travel on night trams. See also when you’re not obliged to pay the penalty.

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