Prague has another university

One of the colleges in Prague has changed its status to university. The whole name of the school is now Jan Amos Komensky University. It is seated in Prague-Zizkov and it provides the higher education to about 5,000 students. It is the only private university (that means that the school is mainly financed by the school fees, not by the state) in the Czech Republic.

The status university brings some changes. Students can study PhD programmes there. The school can offer any kind of study programmes in several faculties. Besides the pedagogical activities, the teachers can develop scientific research. And at last but not least, the status of university is more prestigious and help cooperate better with foreign institutions.

According to the Czech Statistical Office and Eurostat, every 11th person you meet on the streets of Prague is a university student. There are total about 112,000 university students in Prague. The number of students studying at universities and colleges has increased by 5,3% from last year.

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