Czech scientists have a powerful medicine against viruses

Czech scientists in the team of Antonin Holy and Marcela Krecmerova in the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague produced a substance that is extremely powerful against many known viruses. Some of them can even kill people with weakened immune system.

The new medicine called MK 612 is several times stronger than the most known medicines that are sold nowadays. What’s more, it’s less toxic, which means that it has only slight side effects.

The team of Antonin Holy is world renowned, earning 100 million CZK a year for patent fees and their cooperation on projects with other teams.

The future of their newest medicine is uncertain. The pharmaceutical company, that cooperates with the team, will probably buy the patent but it’s not clear whether the company will start to produce the medicine. “It’s probably because of other competitive products, which are less powerful on the one hand, but already established at the market on the other hand,” says Antonin Holy.

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