New skyscrapers Tower City Holesovice in Prague

According to the plans of J&T company, there might be two skyscrapers in Prague that could have up to 42 floors. The skyscrapers would tower above the Prague district Holesovice.

There are many opponents for this project. Milos Solar from the Department of Historical Monument Care thinks that the historical centre of Prague is an established trade mark with incalculable value. Building skyscrapers in Prague would put Prague among other “ordinary” cities that were built after the WWII.

On the other hand, architect Vit Maslo, who cooperates with J&T says that a city must be open to the modern architecture and high buildings. That a city is a living organism. There are similar discussions now about the skyscrapers in Pankrac.

The project in Holesovice is call Tower City Holesovice. The buildings will be used as administrative and shopping centres, as well as flats for people.

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