Prague's monuments illuminated according to their age

Prague is considered to be one of the most lit cities in Europe, but there are still new and new lights in the city. The Municipal Authorities pay to the Eltodo company, which is responsible for the Prague’s lighting, 300 million Czech crowns per year. There are new lights in new residential districts, by the monuments and at the street crossings.

The current lights have been modernized so that they won’t use so much energy. There are also more coloured lamps in the streets now. On the other hand, Prague now invests to gas lamps that will support the romantic atmosphere in the centre of Prague.

The city has a special system for illuminating the monuments of Prague. The illumination starts with the oldest monuments to the youngest in the interval of 3 minutes. Vysehrad is illuminated first, Cechuv bridge from the 19th century the last.

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