Needles lurked on passengers in Prague metro

There have been many stories about used (and infected) syringes in the seats of the buses or trams in Prague, but none of them were proved to be true. When another email warning against syringes in the handrails of escalators in metro appeared, it seamed at first that it was just another hoax.

This information was, however, confirmed by the director of the company Otis that supplies Prague’s metro with escalators. “Two needles with used syringes were stuck in the handrail in metro station Muzeum,” said Roman Trnka, the regional director of Otis.

The incident happened a week ago early in the morning. The escalator didn’t even turned round once before the syringes stopped it. The police were not called and the syringes ended up in a bin. No one will ever know whether they were infected or not.

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