Czech most popular names are Tereza and Jan

Czech calendar with names Czech people mostly chose names for their children from a Czech calender. The calender contains more or less one name on each day of the year. Czech people usually celebrate birthday and name day. Read more about name days in the Czech Republic.

According to the statistic, the most popular female names in the Czech Republic are now Tereza, Karolina, Natalie, Anna, and Eliska. The most popular male names are Jan, Jakub, Tomas, Adam, and Ondrej.

4,674 boys and 4351 girls were born in the first month of this year. 267 girls were called Tereza and 323 boys were called Jan (spoken variant of the name Jan is Honza). The most common surnames in the Czech Republic are Novak, Svoboda, Novotny, Dvorak, Cerny, Prochazka, and Kucera.

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