Entrance fee to several monuments in Prague more expensive

Petrin Observation Tower in Prague The entrance to several popular monuments in Prague is more expensive. The administrators of these monuments were forced to increased the entrance fee because of higher payments for gas, electricity and wages.

Among those monuments, where visitors have to pay more now, are Petrin Observation Tower, Old Town City Hall, Old Town Hall Tower and Old Town Bridge Tower, National Museum. The Seaworld announced a big rise in prices (from 150 CZK to 240 CZK).

Also Prague Zoo increased the prices of tickets at the beginning of the year. Troja card that enables the entrance to Prague Zoo, Botanical Garden and Troja chateau costs now 200 CZK instead 120 CZK.

Although the profits from the entrance fee cover a big part of the costs, the monuments have to be funded from the city budget. Prague city also offers several tourist information centres where employees provide tourists with information for free.

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