Police focus on enforcement of speed limits on Czech roads

Police of the Czech Republic has launched another action called Krystof to increase the safety on the roads and fine errant drivers. A large number of policemen focus especially on the enforcement of speed limits and technical conditions of vehicles.

Last ‘Krystof’ was in January and it took only one day. The policemen focused especially on alcohol behind the wheel and cyclist and their equipment. Even though the action was ceased in several district due to bad weather before its planned end, 1,700 policemen gave 2,000 fines in one day.

All together drivers had to pay 1,3 million CZK on fines. This time the amount is expected to be bigger, because the action will take 5 days, until Friday night, all over the country. On Monday, when the action started, policemen fined 439 drivers in Prague, mostly for speeding.

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