Summer time will cause delays

The summer time in most parts of Europe starts already this Sunday. We will move the hands of our watches one hour forward. The Czech Republic has used the summer time since 1979. This year the summer time (ST) ends on Sunday 28th October.

Regular night trams and buses in Prague will go according to regular timetables. Line no. 601 will depart from stop Chaplinovo namesti in Prague-Barrandov in the direction of Lety in 1:45 and 4:45 (ST). From the other direction at 3:45 (ST). Line no. 602 will depart from stop Sidliste Repy to Beroun at 3:08 (ST).

Many trains in the Czech Republic will be due to the time changes delayed. Three international trains to Krakow, Warsaw and Vienna will get delay in Petrovice near Karvina. Fast trains to Dresden and Bratislava will be get delayed in Pardubice. The stays at stations will be shortened to reduce the delay.

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