Charles Bridge in the year 2007

View of Charles Bridge from above The oldest bridge in Prague, Charles Bridge, was damaged several times in history because of floods, public transport and vandals. Floods in 1890 destroyed 2 pillars and 3 arches. There were cars, trams and buses going over the bridge. Because of vandals, many bridge statues are damaged. New reconstruction of Charles Bridge, which is supposed to start this June, should prevent water from going inside the bridge.

The reconstruction of Charles Bridge will take at least one year and will cost more than 100 million CZK. The bridge will be open to the public during the reconstruction. The reconstruction will coincide with the celebrations of 650th anniversary of the bridge.

A new museum of Charles Bridge will be open in the Gallery U Krizovniku on St Vitus day on 15th June 2007. It will show many items connected with the Charles Bridge, such as statues which are now at Lapidary of National Museum in Prague or found pieces of precious inscription found on the bottom of the Vltava River.

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