Czech answer to the US radar base: Yes, but...

Czech Government officially agreed with negotiations about the possible US radar base in the Czech Republic. The Government nevertheless set an important condition: the radar base should be integrated in the future anti-rocket defense system of NATO.

The negotiations will last approximately to the end of the year. However, it is not sure, if the radar base will be approved by the Czech Parliament. The Civic Democratic Party and the Christian and Democratic Union are in favour of the base, but the Green Party emphasizes the necessity to integrate it to the NATO system. The Communists and most of the Social Democrats are against it, so in the end the vote can be quite close.

The public opinion on this issue is not unified in the Czech Republic. There were already several protests against the radar base.

The Americans can already start some exploratory and advance work in Brdy – the possible location of the base.

Poland, where the USA wants to place the rockets, expressed its approval without any conditions.

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