Finally St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle for free

The view of Prague Castle with its dominant St Vitus Cathedral A lot of attention has been given recently on the ‘struggle’ between the office of the President of the Czech Republic and the Church over the St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. Last week they made an agreement – they will take care of the monument together, but the cathedral will be in the property of the state.

The ownership of the cathedral will be completely handed over to the state on 16th April 2007. Good news is that from 5th April visitors don’t have to pay entrance fee any more. Until then everybody, who is interested in the most famous cathedral in the Czech Republic, has to pay 100 CZK.

St Vitus Cathedral has not been included in the Prague Castle tours since last September. The litigation between the state and the Church has already taken for many years now and will most probably continue.

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