Referendum on Freud's statue in Prague

Even a referendum can be organized to discuss such a matter as which statue will be placed in a small square in Prague that doesn’t even have its own official name. It’s often called Goat Ground (Kozi placek). Some of the local inhabitants don’t like to idea to place a statue of Sigmund Freud by Michal Gabriel in there.

The Goat ground can be found in the city centre in the intersection of streets Kozi, Hastalska, Vezenska and U Obecniho dvora. Several goats were brought there in October to protest against the statue. The inhabitants can express their opinion in the street referendum held on 13th April 2007.

The statue of Sigmund Freud shows the co-founder of psychoanalytic school sitting behind a table, on which there is a smaller version of Sigmund Freud sitting behind a table, and so on. According to the author, the table is in the shape of Goat Ground and Freud’s face is turned to the busiest place, to Old Town Square.

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