Mini golf in Prague 13 open again

Good news for those who enjoy playing mini golf and don’t want to miss it when being in Prague. Mini golf courses in Central park of Prague13 is open again after a winter break.

This year players will be able to borrow golf clubs just at the minuature golf course. The golf club rental, toilets and buffet will be built soon. Until then players can borrow golf clubs in nearby Klub Mlejn.

The mini golf course consists of 18 rounds and it’s situated in the west part of the Central park. You can find it near metro station Luka (yellow line B).

U Dvou Zlatych Klicu, Prague

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Prague Castle

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  1. EDA said, Apr 11, 06:48 PM #

    I am looking for golf course for my director’s son who is ten years old. Can you explain your child program shortly? When can he start? How many hours in a day? How much money for weekends?

  2. Jana said, Apr 12, 03:17 PM #

    In this article it was meant ‘mini golf course’ = the area where mini golf is played. Sorry to dissapoint you. As soon as we know about any new mini golf courses for children, we’ll let you know.